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Language Arts

Digby's Rhyming game  
In this game a cute mole named Digby gives the child a word and the child needs to pick another word on the screen that rhymes with it. 

Let's Rhyme  
In this game students pick which two words rhyme out of several possible pairs. 

The Whirlyword Machine  
The Whirlyword Machine is a 'fruit machine' that makes 3 letter C-V-C words. Choose Level 1 to create rhyming words. Spin the first reel to make new words that use the same word ending. Decide if each new word is a real word or not. If you are correct, the word is collected and added to one of your lists. 

Rhyming Fish  
In this online game the student identifies rhymes by choosing the fish that rhyme with a given word.  
Learn to Read at Starfall  

Advanced Phonemes resources  
The activities on this site deal with more advanced phonemes (OW, OY, AR, DEEP U, AIR, OR, AW, IR and EAR) 

Word Build & Bank  
"Word Build & Bank provides a simple, engaging way for students to generate dozens of different words by first choosing an ending  

Word Family Sort  
"This online activity is designed for beginning and struggling readers to help them recognize word patterns 

Long Vowel Sounds resources  
The activities at this site focus on Long Vowel Sounds. 

It's the Same game  
In this game students pick the words that mean the same thing. 

Opposites, Opposites game  
In this game students pick the words that have opposite meanings 

Opposites Attract game  
In this game students match words to their opposites. 

Ball Hogs  
In this online game you play a pig who collects stray tennis balls at a tennis game. 

Compound Words game  
This colorful interactive quiz provides students with 12 words that can be paired up into 6 compund words 

Using Suffixes  
This web site teaches about the suffixes -full, -less, and -ly. And interactive quiz follows to test what was learned. 

Using Prefixes  
This web site teaches about the prefixes re-, un-, and dis- and includes an interactive quiz to test what was learned.